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Road Freights

Road Transportation

Tezi Logistics and Terminals is oriented in developing special load transportation services for the customer and operation field, which focuses on logistics distribution or load transportation to specific areas. We can offer non-standard solution for complete or incomplete cargo in terms of price and transportation speed. In road transportation field, the company “Tezi Logistics and Terminals” offers a wide range of services.
Using modern logistics, we provide maximum customer comfort. The insured and maximally secure auto-vehicles and special equipment of the company, as well as the service of skilled and appropriately qualified personnel, ensures timely and safe transportation of any kind of cargo (including hazardous and oversized cargoes) in the country and outside its borders.
The company’s service package includes:
1. Providing required documentation;
2. Setting the optimal route for specific transportation;
3. Timely delivery of the required transport;
4. Load-unloading control;
5. High-quality and safe service;
6. Send-off service in case of necessity;
7. The optimal tariff of service.