Air Freight

About Air Freight

Innovations are the central driving force of our work. Our experts who are constantly trained and improve their qualifications in accordance with modern standards can ensure safe air transportation of your cargo anywhere in the world, from “door- to-door”. We constantly improve and enrich our service to make it more effective in terms of time and expenses.
We divide air transportation products by service levels, i.e. packaged which offers different delivery time, plan, procedures and prices that makes it easy for the customer to choose the service for own needs. We customize services according to our client’s needs by using direct flights, consolidations or multi-modal transports, to ensure the right cost/ effectiveness ratio. Our experienced staff organize global international air cargo shipping for a wide range of cargoes including perishables and dangerous goods. We select optimal routes based on your individual needs. International air transportation of cargo anywhere in the world is the fastest means.

Have any questions?

At Tezi Logistics Baku, we encourage clients to reach out to us if they have any questions or concerns. Whether it’s more information on our services, help with a specific project, or general logistics industry questions, our team is ready to assist you.