Rail Freight

About Rail Freight

The company “Tezi Logistics Baku” carries out railway transportation both within the country and abroad. With the help of our company, you can plan and organize carriage, container, off-gauge, hazardous, and perishable cargo transportation in every direction where the railway network functions. Besides, it is also possible to provide transportation of automobiles, special equipment, food products, animals, and other types of cargo.
Railway transportation includes in reliable, relatively cheap, and fast transportation means. The company “Tezi Logistics Baku” transport logistics managers work on the optimal route of rail transport and analyze the efficiency of different directions and routes. One of the most important priorities of the company is to develop a transportation route that will satisfy all customer requirements and provide minimum financial and time expenses.
In the field of rail transportation , “Tezi Logistics Baku” offers the following services:
· Calculation of railway tariffs.
· Creating drawings and calculations, CAD tools, 2D / 3D simulations, etc.
· Drafting and approval of drawings together with railway departments all transit countries for nonstandard and heavy load cargo.
· Issuance of railway weigh bill.
· Railway transportation to any station on the railway in CIS countries with any kind of multi-functional containers.
· Creating any queries/packaging lists and finalizing the most optimal loading plans.
· Designing, summing up, and approval of load cargo drawings.
· Attaching the cargo and ensuring the load of different quality and safety (standard, non-standard, heavy load) of cargoes on the railway transport including guards who prevent theft during its delivery.
· Customs clearance procedures.
· Treatment of cargo (loading-unloading works) (opening, loading, attachment of container and its security)

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