Sea Freight

About Sea Freight

Historically, sea freight shipping was a key driver of the development of international commerce. To this day, shipping goods by sea is still popular due to low cost, high sea vessel load capacity, and minimal restrictions on vessel carrying capacity. This transport mode is reliable and efficient, especially in case of long-distance and multimodal solutions. .Sea freight is not a fully independent means of transportation, i.e. it is possible to ship from one port to another, the company has developed a multi-mode schemed of transportation – marine-road, marine-railway, marine-air which provides the means to deliver the cargo to the destination.
“Tezi Logistics Baku” offers a full range of marine transportation. Delivering mixed and fully loaded 20*, 40*, and 45* containers to ports, organizing loading-unloading works on the ship, and preparing all kinds of necessary documents. The important factor of the efficient work of the company is the maximum comfort of the client during service delivery.
“Tezi Logistics Baku” LLC offers:
• High quality service;
• Customs Clearance;
• Transparency of service;
• Flexible financial policy;
• Maximum safe equipment service;
• Personal/individual approach;
• Operative work;
• Low tariff service.

Have any questions?

At Tezi Logistics Baku, we encourage clients to reach out to us if they have any questions or concerns. Whether it’s more information on our services, help with a specific project, or general logistics industry questions, our team is ready to assist you.