Dangerous Cargo

About Dangerous Cargo

According to Georgian and international legislation, the cargo whose parameters exceed certain measures is considered off-gauge. International legislation defines 9 classes of hazardous cargo and several subclasses of it. The transportation of the above-mentioned cargo requires to complied with the rules set by the relevant procedures and controlling bodies.
The group of professional logistics and security managers of “Tezi Logistics Baku” LLC will assist you in the transportation of off-gauge and hazardous cargo to any direction with any optimal means of transport.
“Tezi Logistics Baku” offers:
1. Selection and timely delivery of the necessary transport special equipment for transportation;
2. Preparing special permits and other documentation;
3. Control of segregation and storage conditions;
4. Development of appropriate route;
5. From the side of the Security Manager – control of loading-unloading of the specific cargo;
6. Organizing protection and send-off, if necessary.

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